Point to Point champion jockey Gina Andrews, takes us on her personal racing journey, from growing up surrounded by horses, to racing them on the track. We also see the Warwickshire training grounds that she runs with husband Tom Ellis at G&T Racing and the process of preparing the horses for the races.

Last season, Gina became National Point to Point Champion, and is at the height of her career. Gina Andrews is the first woman in 22 years to have ridden five winners on one card, the last female point-to-point jockey to achieve this was Polly Curling in 1995.

The link below shows Gina’s epic win

Point-to-Point is a form of amateur horse racing over fences, which is held at a variety of Point-to-Point racecourses across the UK. Some of the racecourses include: Northaw in Hertfordshire, Cottenham and Horseheath in Cambridgeshire, Kimble in Buckinghamshire and High Easter in Essex. However, there are many more racecourses available to visit. The link below will help you to find a racecourse near you https://point-to-point.herokuapp.com/courses

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