INEOS George Russell Off Road

Shot over 3 days as part of the Off Road series of films for INEOS Automotive. We were in locations across the Dubai desert and Sharjah.
Shot over 3 days as part of the Off Road series of films for INEOS Automotive.

INEOS, a major Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS F1 Team sponsor, commissioned a short cinematic film to showcase the INEOS Grenadier’s capabilities and highlight its partnership with the F1 team.

We wanted to showcase the Grenadier’s abilities in a challenging environment, highlighting the qualities that define George as a driver. As George was a relatively new F1 driver, we aimed to emphasise the pressures and experiences of driving in F1. To visually communicate this, we used dynamic driving shots in an unforgiving landscape that metaphorically represents the subject matter he discusses. We also incorporated time iconography throughout the film to further illustrate the link between F1 and George, as every driver on the grid strives to beat time. We chose the desert landscape to bring out the best in the Grenadier, allowing us to demonstrate its technical dune surfing capabilities and showcase the visual potential of the car.

We shot this film over two days with a crew of four in Dubai and Sharjah. The film showcases the iconic landmark called Camel Rock. The steep dunes and vast open planes provided a perfect playground for the Grenadier.

This film was nominated for Best Commercial Film at the International Motor Film Awards.

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