Mazda Epic Drives – Turkey


In Mazda’s marketing strategy, the focal point revolves around igniting a compelling desire to own their cars by captivating audiences with an alluring lifestyle. It’s not merely about the vehicle; it’s about embodying a lifestyle that resonates with the audience’s aspirations. Mazda Motors UK came to us with the need to embody this key messaging into a series of marketing campaign videos that will differentiate Mazda in the minds of the media and the consumer.

From this mission, the Epic Drives film series was born, and we have now charted Mazda driving adventures across Norway, Sweden, the Azores, Siberia and Kazakhstan, in addition to our latest adventure to Türkiye.

Epic Drive Türkiye unveils a fusion of creative decisions that elevate the journey of the CX-5 and CX-60 through the Turkish landscapes. A deliberate focus on enhancing the cinematic visuals and applying inventive editing techniques becomes the hallmark of this film.

The creative inspiration extends to the sequences of colour, where the film draws upon techniques showcased in the acclaimed ‘Watchtower of China.’ In-camera transitions, including wipes, quick dolly movements, and camera rotations, infuse the narrative with captivating energy, portraying the culture and vibrancy of the Turkish surroundings.

The plan to harness the magic of morning and evening light became an essential creative decision, enabling a cinematic feel to the hero film content. By pairing strategic visual elements with inventive editing, Epic Drive Cappadocia emerges as a testament to the artistry behind each frame, promising an unforgettable visual journey through the heart of Türkiye.

With Mazda’s philosophy that the more challenging the location, the greater the return, we eagerly embraced the anticipation of an extraordinary adventure. We faced our fair share of challenges, such as the resources available to us at the time, demonstrating that we are versatile to any challenge, even with the most testing brand videos.

This film was nominated for Best Creative Film at the International Motor Film Awards.