Porsche Head & Heart

The New Porsche 963
The Reveal

Porsche has a history of over 60 years in motorsport and more than 30,000 race victories, earning the Porsche Penske team a global fanbase. Porsche requested a grand reveal film for the Porsche 963, to be played at the Goodwood Festival of Speed to launch the car prior to competing in the World Endurance Championship as well as the USA Sport Car Championship – the two most important endurance racing series in the world, which include the Le Mans 24 Hours and the Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona.

The goal was to create a visually stunning and impactful video showcasing Porsche’s past, present, and future.

To achieve this, we used dramatic lighting to create a cinematic look and feel to the film. We spent two days in a studio shooting the car in dynamic lighting environments to build suspense, and tease the car’s final reveal. The first day was spent shooting the car in shadow, using the backlight to outline the silhouette without giving away the livery. This created a sense of suspense and drama. We built on this by adding shots of silhouetted engineers preparing the car as if in a race setting.

The second studio day was spent shooting the car under high-key lighting conditions. We wanted this to be a striking contrast against the moody, dark shots used in the intro. The idea was to make the moment when the lights finally come up to reveal the livery as dramatic as possible. The bold, clean lines of the car’s graphics were accentuated with the bright and cold lighting. To add to the emotive feeling of the film, we intercut quick bursts of atmospheric scenes from Daytona & Le Mans, which looked back at Porsche’s prestigious history and ushered in a new era to come.

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