McLaren Artura

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McLaren approached us to create a 60-second film capturing the Artura on track. The overarching goal of this project was to shift the narrative around the Artura, inspiring potential customers to view it not just as a car but as a symphony of speed and innovation. They wanted us to create a brand video for social media and internal use that showcases the Artura’s performance and sparks excitement and anticipation, ultimately driving potential customers to see this exceptional model in a new and thrilling light.

To ensure we captured the true speed of the Artura, we used tracking vehicles and FPV drones to capture dynamic shots of the car in motion. We also installed cameras both inside and outside the car to record footage of the driver. Our wider team consisted of experienced contractors who managed photography, FPV capture, and sound recording. In addition, we engaged specialist automotive sound designers during post-production to ensure the sound captured was to the highest of quality.

We faced a challenge finding an affordable track in the UK in September, so we decided to look for tracks abroad that met our requirements. Fortunately, we found Guardix Circuit in South Spain, which was a fantastic discovery. The track was excellent, and the facility had a great viewing room where our crew could see the entire track. The only downside was the light tarmac track, but the dust effect of dry Spain was a must!

We were a crew of 12 and had two cars we could use for sound, tracking, trackside, FPV, and photography for two days for this 60-second high-performance film.

This stands to be one of McLaren’s highest-watched videos on YouTube with 1.4M views and was highly successful across all platforms