Porsche 911 RSR – Thanks for the Memories


At the end of the 2022 motorsport season, the Le Mans 24 Hours regulations changed for the GT category. For the following year, all teams would need to compete in GT3 cars, which are less costly to develop and run. This meant that the Porsche 911 RSR would race for the final time in the season-closing Bahrain round of the World Endurance Championship. The Kingdom crew were there to film the race, and together with the Porsche team, we all signed the roof of the RSR as we had all been part of the RSR’s story for the previous ten seasons.

The Porsche 911 RSR has been one of the most successful GT race cars of all time; Porsche asked us to create a fitting film to celebrate the RSR’s achievements and the enduring legacy it leaves behind. The film was to be played as part of the highly prestigious Porsche Night of Champions event in Stuttgart.

Collaborating closely, the producer and creative team embarked on a fresh approach to the retrospective film by enlisting the artist John Ketchell to depict five pivotal moments from the RSR’s significant journey over the past nine years. Delicately lit scenes featuring the artist are juxtaposed with the dynamic archive footage from the RSR on the track, creating a compelling interplay of two contrasting styles. The subdued grading applied to the track footage serves as a poignant reminder to the audience that the car has retired, allowing them to witness its life unfold. Incorporating commentary snippets from the team highlights the immense collective effort invested in elevating this car to legendary status.

This film was nominated for Best Creative Film at the 2023 International Motor Film Awards.