Quadrant Athlete Reveal

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Quadrant, social and gaming brand of Formula 1 driver Lando Norris, approached us requiring our help in becoming their extended production arm for one of their biggest projects yet.

 In our creative approach to the film, we wanted to play on the rustic theme that Quadrant had displayed in previous marketing campaigns, we chose an abandoned aircraft hangar and dressed the scene with old fashioned furniture to fit the aesthetic. At the start of the film various established Quadrant team members gather to discuss how the film should play out, describing the action that takes place. We then see the results of their creativity, as though imagining the scene in real time. Each scene featuring the athletes has its own identity, with various filmmaking and editing techniques deployed to ensure a sense of individuality. The film culminates after the Quadrant team have successfully devised a way to introduce the new athletes to the world, and after we have seen each of the athletes demonstrate their skills in a selection of exciting and engaging montages.

This production took place at two different locations, the first at Bentwaters Park in the UK and the second on a closed rally stage in Sweden. Both locations presented challenges which had to be overcome to deliver a successful shoot. For the first location, we shot over three days with an in-house crew including; two Producers, one Assistant Producer, Director, Director of Photography, two Camera Ops, a Camera Assistant and a Sound Op on the last day of shooting. This was supported by third party crew such as medics, set designer, skate park / ramp builders and caterer plus support teams of the athletes we were shooting, which meant coordination and planning was key. The three days of shooting was broken down into two sections, filming the Athletes in their respective sports and filming the HQ scene which would set up the narrative for the final film. Filming the Athletes and the HQ scenes required a multitude of different disciplines including high speed tracking both on and off road, rigging of bolt-on cameras, passing shots and drone operation with limited time. The second shoot was one day on a rally stage in Sweden with the last athlete to be filmed, Oliver Solberg where it was -26C.