F1 Saudi Arabia Race Recap


Since the inception of the Formula One World Championship in 1950, F1 has been widely recognised as the world’s most prestigious motor racing competition and the world’s most popular annual sporting series. As 2021 was coming to an end, rivals Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen went into the 2021 Formula 1 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix on almost equal points, creating an adrenaline-filled race full of rivalry, drama and pure determination.

After each Formula 1 Grand Prix weekend, a race recap is produced, which delivers all of the action, excitement and drama in just a couple of minutes. This is used by Formula 1 and broadcasters around the world to look back on the previous race and tease fans in preparation for the next F1 Grand Prix. Due to our long-standing relationship with Formula 1, they trusted us with creating a race recap to highlight the events of the action-packed Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.