Corinthia Hotels


Founded by the Pisani family of Malta in 1962, Corinthia has grown into a collection of luxury hotels, establishing itself as a global brand. They approached us to showcase the London, Lisbon, and Malta Corinthia hotels and encapsulate the brand within these locations, highlighting the hotel itself and the whole experience of staying at a Corinthia hotel. They wanted to bring their employees to the forefront of this film to emphasise the warmth and intuitiveness of their service.

Corinthia intended to entice prospective guests and remind previous visitors about what Corinthia has to offer. However, more than anything, it was a film that told the story of all the small but special touches guests experience. The staff feature heavily as they make all these small things happen and are the face of Corinthia, emphasising their role in orchestrating these nuanced experiences. It brings together experience, staff, location, and luxury. We showcased a range of experiences, cultures, and activities to appeal to the broader audience.

The filming spanned three countries across five days with a small crew of three in each destination; we aimed to be as efficient and agile as possible and work around the functioning hotels. We collaborated closely with the client on-site to finesse each scene and worked with the hotel staff in various locations within each hotel.

This is a film that embodies Corinthia’s values, staff, and prestige, showcasing Corinthia’s combination of impeccable service, luxurious accommodations, and prime locations.