Aston Martin Lagonda Badge Update

This is the first major logo update for Aston since 2003 becoming the 8th logo with significant adjustments in their 109 year history.
Aston Martin’s iconic wings are taking flight

In 2022, Aston Martin unveiled their bold new creative identity, as part of a strategic repositioning to accelerate the brand’s growth and appeal to new audiences. The objective was to showcase the new Aston Martin wings badge and the company’s position as makers of the most exquisitely addictive performance cars, centered on the brand idea of ‘Intensity. Driven.’

Our approach was to highlight the craftsmanship that goes into the creation of every car, starting with the badge. The film features diverse footage of Aston Martin’s historical and modern supercars from both on-road and studio settings, with interspersed footage of the handcrafting of the badge by master metal smiths. Macro and probe lenses were used to capture the detail of the craftsmanship, and slow-motion shots contrasted the fast-paced driving scenes.The film builds pace throughout, resulting in fast-paced montages perfectly edited to complement our emotive soundtrack. The final build revealing the new Aston Martin badge.

As a result, the film was nominated for multiple awards at the Motor Film Awards, including Best Promotional Film, Best Editing and Best Sound Design.

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