Kevin Estre – Born on the Racetrack


Having worked closely with Porsche Motorsport for over a decade, we have fostered a strong relationship with their team and drivers. This film is a testament to this partnership, as it allowed us create a film that was different from our usual work for Porsche.

The film was undertaken as a passion project to create a short documentary exploring the winning mindset of professional racing driver Kévin Estre.
This short documentary explores the winning mindset of professional racing driver Kévin Estre, providing a deep and personal insight into the man behind the visor and what motivates him to push himself and the car to the limit.

At the heart of the idea was to create a film about Kevin’s philosophy on racing, what motivates him, and how he deals with the pressure to perform as one of the world’s top sport car endurance drivers. We interviewed Kevin at Le Mans the day before the race, aiming to use his answers as a voice-over to drive the film’s narrative. He spoke passionately and openly, providing an insight into what it takes to have a winning mindset. This provided the backbone of the film.

We have filmed every World Endurance Championship race for Porsche since 2014 and have access to a vast amount of incredible footage showing the highs and lows of Kevin’s career. The edit was a meticulous process of compiling the best shots captured from all the different races and arranging them to create a narrative that was compelling and visually striking to watch.

The last part of the process was to fill in the blanks as we realised there were some critical scenes that needed to sections of the story. These were captured in Bahrain during the final rounds of the WEC 2021 season. Kevin, his wife Carolin and their son Tommy agreed to be filmed at the beach at their hotel. This allowed us to capture a different side to Kevin as we could show him away from the race track as a father and family man in an intimate and personal moment.

The result is a visually stunning and emotionally engaging short film which won Best Documentary Short at the International Motor Film Awards 2022.