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In 2022, Emma Raducanu, a tennis star and US Open winner, became a Porsche brand ambassador. Porsche sponsored her to represent their company and products through various initiatives. One such initiative involved producing a cinematic film showcasing Emma’s dedication, sacrifices, and behind-the-scenes life as a professional athlete, including her personality, dreams, and love for the Porsche brand.

 The film was meant to be released just before Wimbledon. However, Emma’s injuries forced her to withdraw from the upcoming tennis tournaments and undergo surgery on her wrists, delaying the film’s release. This meant we had to adapt to create a new version of the film to showcase Emma’s rehabilitation journey. We incorporated as much of the existing footage as possible and filmed additional scenes of Emma’s recovery, including physiotherapy, fitness rehabilitation, and on-court training. We had to be flexible with Emma’s schedule and sometimes worked last minute. The last part of the process was to establish a new voiceover to discuss her injuries and set up lighting for some cool pensive shots in the changing room.

 The project that was supposed to be short ended up taking eight months. The final version of the film was released in January 2024 after Emma had fully recovered from her injuries and resumed playing tennis.