Aksel 911 Dakar

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Many Porsche enthusiasts are also passionate winter sports fans. Porsche, in turn, has been collaborating with international sporting goods manufacturer HEAD since 2022. Porsche came to Kingdom with the requirement for a film to showcase their new 2023/24 ski collection, whilst also demonstrating the immense capability and performance of the Porsche 911 Dakar. The brief to produce the film was born out of the opportunity to capture the car in one of the world’s most iconic ski locations with Aksel Lund Svindal, a two-time World Ski Champion and Olympic Gold medalist.

The creative idea for the film was ‘doing the unexpected’. The film needed to bring this to life in every aspect and capture the pleasure we can all have when trying something new.

We showcased this by trading the expected snow-covered mountains, for the picturesque Erg Chebbi dunes in Merzouga, Morocco. Capturing the stunning backdrop of the dunes, our team were able to highlight the performance of the car and Aksel in an environment that is challenging for most. The skiing scenes are complemented throughout the film by shots of the 911 Dakar racing through the desert. The car mirrors the moves of Aksel’s skiing, showing off the performance and capability of both the car and Aksel. These scenes are intercut with close-up shots of Aksel to show his expression and enjoyment of ‘doing something unexpected’.

This was a challenging shoot to plan; the location was remote, and the weather was extreme.
We shot the film over two days with an in-house crew of three, including a Producer, DOP and Shooting Director. Our DOP tracked and captured Aksel whilst filming backwards on a snowboard with a Steadicam; it wasn’t a small ask, but what a job he did.

The film resulted in a highly cinematic brand film for Porsche and the 911 Dakar, a film that Kingdom is proud to say we made.

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