Martin Donnelly: Life On The Edge Trailer


This is the story of one of the most significant accidents in Formula One history and the man who survived it. It’s a story of triumph and tragedy. The story of a man who achieved his childhood dream of signing long-term for a leading F1 team, but on the very same day as signing the contract, suffered the most ferocious of accidents as a result of a mechanic’s mistake. This is a story of a man who, in spite of everything, never lost his love for motorsport. This story embodies the pure human emotion and extreme highs and lows of Formula One. This is the story of Martin Donnelly.

First of all, we wanted to take Martin back to where it all started, his home in Belfast. We visited the streets around his home, the formidable and shocking peace divide, and the race track on which he first drove in his father’s car when he was just a child, Kirkistown. We also took Martin back to the scene of his accident, the Jerez circuit in Spain. Both locations were very emotional places to film. Finally, a day filming his interview at Classic Team Lotus, surrounded by many of the greatest F1 cars in the sport’s history.

This film is a Kingdom project from idea to broadcast. It has now won four major awards in four countries; we are all hugely proud of what this film has achieved.

International Motor Film Awards 2023 Documentary Short WINNER
Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards 2023 Web Documentary WINNER
AutoVison Awards 2023 Documentary WINNER
The Richard Harris International Film Festival 2023 Documentary Short WINNER
Race Media Awards 2023 Creative Content NOMINEE
London Lift-Off Film Festival 2023 Documentary Short NOMINEE