It’s A Dogs Life promotes the Nissan X-Trail’s innovative concept car with interactive features that caters for all your canine’s needs.
Kingdom loves to work with contemporary brands who are producing cutting edge designs. We are meticulous when sourcing actors and researching multiple locations to find the perfect fit for the product and brand. We work closely with all our clients, especially Nissan who we have a brilliant long standing relationship with.

We not only focused on the product but on creating a fun visual narrative to showcase the cars ingenious attributes which caused quite a stir on social media. The film had an excellent response, reaching over 120 million views, 1.64 million Facebook shares and nearly half a million Facebook likes, creating the largest spike in Google searches for Nissan X-Trail globally.
They say never to work with animals or children, but our Kingdom crew love a challenge, and successfully did both!

You can find out more about our automotive video production here.