Tiger 900

There is more to this video than meets the eye. It was something extra we did at a press event with no extra budget or time.
Our in-house crew film and edit. This means you can offer bespoke footage for every single one of your journalists at a press launch.

Working in Morocco ahead of the Tiger 900 media ride event, the Kingdom Creative crew had captured all the library footage (B-roll) that Triumph needed. With the extra time we created a product video, bringing to life journey the media were about to embark. All journalists watched it before they set off for the day.
A crew of three shot this over three days. The same team then worked on the seven-day press event.

Every one of the 150 media attendees wanted something unique, from tracking shots on the road, to drone footage of the Atlas Mountains, to pieces to camera. We delivered.
Furthermore, we edited, quickly, on-site and uploaded the content onto a bespoke Triumph Motorcycles branded online system. As the media sat down for dinner at the end of a day’s ride, their phones jumped to life, telling them they could download everything we had filmed for them that day.


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