Rome Cavalieri Memories of a Lifetime

At no point during this shoot was the hotel closed. Your business can’t stop for filming. Let us work around you.
This is a favourite from our travel and destination film portfolio.

To sophisticated travellers, Waldorf Astoria is a brand of luxury hotels and resorts that offers exceptional experiences. The hotel brand rests on three pillars: True Waldorf Service, Inspirational Environments and Authentic Moments. The five-star Rome Cavalieri hotel is the jewel in the crown of the Waldorf Astoria hotel group. The hotel is historic, grand, and the height of luxury; as such, many of the hotel’s guests return again and again. Waldorf Astoria requested that we demonstrate their marketing pillars in an emotionally captivating film that shows off their hotel to prospective guests.

At Kingdom, we can achieve great things with small and nimble crews. Our film was captured over two days, with a small crew of just four as we needed to work around the hotel guests whilst the hotel remained open and fully functioning.

The outcome of our two enjoyable and rewarding days in Rome was a film that we are very proud of. It tells the beautiful story of a young girl who falls in love with the Rome Cavalieri and returns many times at different stages of her life, eventually introducing her children to the hotel. Waldorf Astoria loved their film so much that they sent us to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Amsterdam and Edinburgh to create further films.


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