Bentley Mulliner’s Grand Limousine is the ultimate in luxury driving. Bentley ,are the experts in luxury driving and automotive design. Our work with the team behind the new Bentley Mulliner shows some of the automotive world’s most dedicated crafts people at work.

This video captures the passion and artistry that goes into the creation of a Bentley car – from initial concept through to the final product. As leading producers of luxury cars in Britain, Bentley wanted a film that brought the brand to life and championed the people behind this historic automotive brand.

Our creative team designed a video that met these needs. A simple idea, carefully executed, that shows the creative minds behind the new Bentley Mulliner at work. From pencil sketches through to the final polish, the Kingdom Creative team captured each moment in the design process.

High-end product photography champions the Mulliner design and the people involved in its creation. As specialists in the production of high-quality videos for the automotive industry, it was a pleasure for our expert creative team to work with such a historic car brand.

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