AluHouse Pods are ultimate in Pod living. Environmental futurist open plan living wherever in the world you wish to be.  AluHouse Pods are made from aluminium alloy that is lightweight, robust, versatile and adaptable and is engineered to be the next generation in home living. Partnering great manufacturing with innovative engineering and design. A smarter more flexible way of living, in any environment, allowing you to have full control of how and where you live.

The entire outer shell is constructed of aluminium alloy. Intelligent architecture maximises efficient use of the interior space allowing as much natural light in as possible without losing privacy.  The indoor/outdoor set up and the various option packs allow for many different uses whether permanent or temporary. Home, office, exhibition space, mobile shop, cafe bar or studio, the choice is yours. The bespoke Alpod can be transported anywhere in the world, just in case you change your mind. Multi pods can also be stacked to create larger more versatile spaces for multiple occupancy.

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