Proof is in the Spillers Speedy Mash!

Speedy Mash Fibre

As a company Kingdom Creative push ourselves to giving clients the perfect film, a film that achieve results. Reactions to our videos are thankfully always positive, but its so lovely to see that positivity proven on paper. When Spillers sent back research on how their promotional video went for their SPEEDY-MASH fibre product, you can imagine the excitement in the office. Excitement over statistics? Who would of thought it!

Spillers asked a panel of 500 people to view three adverts that they had created, two were not produced by ourselves, but the SPEEDY-MASH Fibre video was. In summary the results showed that our film was the most effective in terms of driving sales and also viewers felt it was most aligned to the brands, below are the results;

Three questions were asked;

Q1. Which of the following best describes your reaction to the video?

A WIN for Kingdom Creative, we had the most number of people voting in the ‘Appeals’ and ‘Appeals a lot’ categories.

Q2. Which brand of horse feed would you associate with the video? (For the purpose of the research the Spillers name was removed from all three adverts)

A WIN for Kingdom Creative, far more people associated our film with Spillers meaning that the work we did studying and understanding the brand paid off.

Q3. Would the video influence you to do any of the following?

Visit online to learn more about the feed – A WIN for Kingdom Creative, our film was 25% more effective in encouraging viewers to find out more.

Consider buying next time – A MASSIVE WIN for Kingdom Creative, our film was 150% more effective at driving sales.

Makes me feel more positive about the brand – A WIN for Kingdom Creative, again we lead in this category.

Equestrian video production is now a significant part of Kingdom Creative, we have developed into equine filming specialists thanks to our love for horses and our desire to produce better and better films.

Clients come to us here at Kingdom Creative for a purpose. They would like an equestrian film that will do something for them, such as increasing sales. Spillers’ objectives are to influence others to consider buying Spillers next time, to encourage clients/potential clients to learn more about the products and to ensure that there is a positive feeling about the brand. Now, I don’t know about you but receiving those types of statistics, as a company, from a client who has done that research off their own back, is so rewarding. Its so nice to know that what we do is not only what the client would like but the feedback that they get is credible too. I’d personally like to thank Team Spillers for this information but also a well huge done to the team here at Kingdom Creative. A job well done I would like to think!

To see the full video, click here!