Kingdom Insights 4: Breaking Down Barriers

Every week, we’ll be sharing the latest industry trends and consumer insights. Why? Our team has been working hard to spot opportunities for our clients to better engage and connect with their audience. So we thought we’d share our thinking. This week’s Kingdom Insights briefing is all about adapting to the changing consumer mindset.

Insight one.


This week Ben Pincus, Formula 1 director of Commercial Partnerships said that they’re more digitally active than ever. He said they’ve dropped a lot of their own barriers in terms of the access they’re giving to content. What’s more, he said that the lockdown has created much more dynamic relationships with partners to give content-starved fans much-needed entertainment. We’re excited to see how the forced shift to the virtual world will translate into even greater content, behind the scenes stories and fan engagement in the long term. 


Insight two.


With restrictions on many of our traditional marketing and product discovery approaches, brand ambassadors have never been more important – and they’ve never been more up for getting stuck in. Just look at how Nike’s latest campaign has utilised its brand ambassador super force to push a message of resilience. Launched on 23rd May, its already had over 105 million views on YouTube. That’s pretty good going. Check it out HERE. 


Insight three.


We’ve seen many brands embrace User Generated Content (UGC) over the last eight weeks. The likes of Tesco, TSB, Apple and Co-op have all embraced authentic messaging in their latest ad campaigns. As we move forward and start to film fresh content professionally, we must all challenge ourselves to maintain that authentic voice of our fans. 


Insight four.


This week, two competing brands have opened their doors to work together in a way that really breaks down barriers. Adidas and Allbirds have announced that they’re collaborating to create a shoe with the ‘lowest carbon footprint ever’. It’s another interesting example of how brands are adopting a newfound sense of community and ‘sticking together’ mentality for the sake of a bigger cause. 

“Our great hope is that this partnership will catalyse other people to share both their best ideas and research so that we can work together in the fight to live more sustainably,” said Tim Brown, Allbirds CEO. “This is a problem that won’t be solved by one company alone.” Read the full article HERE. 


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