Essential Tips For Using Video On Instagram - Social Video Production

Getting the best out of your videos on social media can often be a challenge. The Kingdom Creative team are experts in social video production, so we thought we’d share some thoughts on why our social media films stand out and deliver some top tips on how you can get the most from your social media video content on Instagram.

The First Few Seconds
There’s no hiding from the fact that Instagram, like most social platforms, is a pretty crowded space and it can often be difficult to get your voice heard. With the rate at which users scroll through their feeds, it’s important you have something eye-catching and engaging to open with. You don’t want to run the risk of losing your audience by taking too long to get to the good bit.

Add Text
Instagram videos are muted by default, so if your social media video requires more than just beautiful moving images to deliver a clear message then consider adding text to get your message across. The more dynamic you can be with this, the less you’ll detract from and compromise on the overall look and feel of your film.

Content Is King
You can’t have style without substance so make sure there’s a meaningful message to deliver.

Aspect Ratio
Square video is heralded as the golden aspect ratio for Instagram videos. On a mobile feed it takes up 78% more space than its 16:9 counterpart, and it’s generally excepted that bigger means better in this instance. The closer the audience feels to the content the more engaged they’re likely to be.

The question of when to post is not exclusive to video content but one that’s definitely worth considering to optimise audience engagement. If you’re running a business profile you can check out exactly when your followers are most active by looking at your instagram Insights. This will show you exactly when the best times to post are and ultimately how to maximise the performance of your Instagram videos amongst your existing following.

This is where you can afford to be a little bit more informal with your audience. Stories are great as they offer a snapshot or a look behind the scenes and provide a space for a different vibe from your typically heavily curated Instagram page.

Spending millions on advertising space to achieve top-of-mind awareness is a perfectly valid strategy. However, another approach to achieving brand awareness is to make an emotional connection with your viewers and Instagram Stories is a great platform to do this through. Inherent to this particular platform is the ability to offer a backstage glimpse of businesses and brands, allowing consumers to make a more human connection and engage with the people behind the brand.

That’s not to say that the only video content you post through Stories should be something you’ve shot on your phone. It’s important to mix things up and it’s still worthwhile occasionally posting something a little more curated.

An unusual feature of this platform is the portrait orientation, the complete reverse of the most common capture aspect ratio of 16:9, which certainly creates some interesting creative challenges for best displaying moving image. So here are some options for getting the best out of your videos through Stories;

Shoot portrait – Recording a native 9:16 portrait frame will likely yield the best results when capturing content specific for Instagram Stories.

Shoot 4k – Giving yourself extra resolution to punch in with and reframe for the portrait orientation could well save you a headache if you aren’t shooting specifically for Stories.

Display in split screen – You can comfortably fit three scaled down 16:9 images in a 9:16 frame. Something we like to do is to group three shots that might follow each other sequentially in an edit and instead have them stacked, top down in portrait view, to tell the same story as the original film intended but in a slightly modified format.

Instagram’s home of long form video content. This is a platform in which you can upload videos up to 10 minutes or 1hr in length depending on the size of your following. Similar to Stories, this platform is designed with portrait orientation in mind which has encouraged a large number of brands to embrace the vertical video format.

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