For over a decade we have built a strong heritage, offering automotive video production to the motorsport and automotive industries.


Whilst Kingdom has now expanded into other industries, our director’s background as a former racing car driver means automotive video production is close to our heart. In fact, it has even shaped the way we work as a team. While most other motorsport and automotive video production companies are built up of Freelancers, we do things differently. Here at Kingdom Creative, we employ permanent members of staff.

We think of it like this: if a race car was prepared by a team that had only just met, you could not trust the preparation of the car. What’s more, as a driver, you wouldn’t have the confidence to drive to the absolute limit. In the same way, we at Kingdom could not imagine part of being a team that came together for a single shoot, with no experience working as a unit. Our experience working together means our team works like a well-oiled machine, putting us ahead of the race.

At Kingdom Creative, we also believe in fostering connections with our clients and having permanent members of staff allows us to do this. We aim to create a strong rapport with our clients during all our automotive video production jobs, which will only continue to grow as we work together. We’re extremely proud to have worked with and built lasting relationships with some amazing motorsports and automotive companies such as Porsche, Nissan, Aston Martin and many more.

Having someone on board who was once on the other side of the camera gives us invaluable insight and a true understanding of the motorsports and automotive industry, as well as added attention to detail. We truly understand the power of automotive video production and its ability to tell a story that resonates.

To experience the power of video in the automotive industry, simply check out some of our work.