Toast Ale Here’s to Charity

We donated this film as part of our pro bono purpose-driven projects for brands making the world a better place.
Purpose-driven projects are part of the Kingdom Creative DNA. They always have been. Every year, Kingdom Creative donates at least one pro bono film for a brand doing good in the world.

This is a hero film for the craft beer company, Toast Ale. Toast Ale brews beer from surplus bread that would otherwise be thrown away. All profits go to charities tackling food waste. Toast Ale has funded over 64,000 meals for people who need them most.

Shot over two days in London, with a crew of three, the film showcases the warmth, fun and feel-good vibes of the brand. Everyone you see is a Toast Ale team member.

As well as promoting a company doing great things, we show the surplus bread as a fresh, quality ingredient used in a top-class craft beer. Cheers!


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