Wexer are launching the new Body Bike Switch fitness system having partnered with the company for the first time in 2020.  The film is aimed primarily at gyms to have as part of their in-house equipment, but hotels will also be able to use it in their dedicated ‘fitness’ rooms and residential gyms. The promo was essential for the client in order to showcase the products functionality, USPs and virtual content offering.

Aesthetically, the film follows a similar style to previous films we have made for Wexer, utilising quick and unconventional edit techniques with a mixture of fast-paced and loose camera movement. We also chose to employ the use of bold colour contrast for the gym scene in order to create an energetic feel with a strong visual colour palette.  In the home/hotel environment we chose to showcase a more natural, bright look by utilising available light from the large windows, which contrasts the previous scene nicely. Bold onscreen graphics reinforce key messages around functionality and USPs in order for the client to maximise their sales potential.