WillJam, the intelligent gameplay technology was filmed by Kingdom Creative.  Tasked to create a promo for this intelligent gameplay technology.  
 It allows sports players to practice their ball skills against the clock, with the ability to intelligently collect data about performance, power, accuracy and speed, it is considered the latest training technology to improve gameplay.

The technology uses intelligent LED activated targets that measures performance and records data.

 Our creative team produced a video that was designed to showcase this unique gaming experience. It features graphical elements that demonstrate how WallJAM records and presents information, and how this can be tracked using the app. 

 Design elements within the film were inspired by the WallJAM branding, in keeping with the colours and language used across the WallJAM website, app and products.

Graphics show how players can share their scores on social media and compete with the rest of the world. This film features two different gameplay scenarios both solo and in a team. Our production team designed the location so that it could look like either an exterior or interior location, replicating the scope of the WallJAM product.

You can find out more about our sports video production here.