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Rome Cavalieri. Memories of a Lifetime.


The Rome Cavalieri is an elegant, luxurious, historic hotel. An image speaks a thousand words, but this project deserved more than pretty pictures. In this film, we profile the Rome Cavalieri and highlight the fact that guests return year after year.

We tell the story of a little girl who enjoys an unforgettable holiday. She returns year after year, tasting magical food, savouring the swimming pool, meeting first loves. As she grows, she introduces the wonder of the Rome Cavalieri to generations of her family. The result is touching and memorable. It connects and inspires.


A crew of three. Shot over two days in Rome.

At Kingdom Creative, we made the story from scratch, sourced the actors, and shot every scene as if it was a movie.

A hotel is a living, breathing place. Life must go on, even during filming, so our in-house team worked quietly and swiftly to minimise any impact on the hotel’s activities. At no point during this shoot was the hotel closed.


One hero film, a suite of content for social media, and video loops for display throughout the hotel.

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