Red Bull Soapbox Race is an event held all over the globe, this year it landed a place in at Alexander Palace in London, this even attracts thousands of fans every year to see the latest crazy soapboxes that people have brought to life. Mostly filled with amateur drivers and avid engineers in homemade soapbox crafts. However, this year Aston Martin Racing decided it was time to join!

A fun filled day for both the Aston Martin Racing team and Kingdom Creative team, with the supporting words of Jonny Adam and Darren Turner, Alex Summers headed down the hill to claim 2nd place, a triumph for the first timers.

Armed with Sony FS7s and a handful of GoPros, Kingdom Creative assisted Aston Martin by creating this film to show off their soapbox craft the AMR-SB and also show their fight for the podium in the ’24 Seconds of Ally Pally’. An event film like no other!

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