Porsche 911 GT3-R will hit the Korea International Circuit for the first official GT Asia Series test. Driven by Darryl Young and Toy Bhirombhakdi of VLT racing, is all about the race to win the Championship. Darryl is really enthusiastic about the 911 GT3-R, it is solid and has much more power. It is a very aggressive car and every time you ask the car to give you more, it gives more.

The 911 GT3-R is a development of the production car’s 4.0-litre flat-six with around 500bhp, running through a six-speed paddle-shift sequential gearbox. Adding the outsized wing and splitter combo, the racer takes advantage of the road car’s aerodynamic trickery, with the same vents over the front wheelarches increasing downforce over the front axle.

Craft-Bamboo Racing, in their stunning new livery for the #91 Vita Lemon Tea (VLT) perfectly showcases title sponsor VLT, while also fitting with the Porsche’s modern and curvaceous design. With an incredible legion of VLT fans throughout Asia, the #91 Porsche will continue to be a popular attraction for lovers of motorsport and the iconic lemon tea beverage. The Porsche’s bright yellow base is further accented by strips of neon green, which contrast against the matte black trim to create a striking but balanced livery. As Porsche’s Official Technical Partner in Asia, Craft-Bamboo Racing drivers, Darryl O’Young and Naiyanobh Bhirombhakdi, have adopted race number #91 for the coming season to pay homage to the infamous Porsche 911.

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