Mazda Epic Drive Azores is the latest film in their Epic Drives series. The Azores are made up of nine breathtaking Portugese islands in the middle of the Atlantic.  We traveled there with Mazda to film their impressive Mazda2 prior to the media arriving on the main island of São Miguel to test drive the new car. São Miguel is known as ‘The Green Island’ and it is the largest and most populated island in the Azores.  We achieved the dramatic arial shots using a DJI Inspire drone and the rest of the footage was shot on a pair of Sony FS7 cameras.

The crew will miss the charm of the capital, Ponta Delgado and the second city of Ribeira Grande, plus the views across the tea plantations of Gorreana, the Fogo Volcano and Serra Devassa.  Amazing island to film on, the crew loved this project, thank you Mazda!

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