Jeep Renegade Hyper Green attracts Zombies & The Vamps at Halloween.

This film was all about promoting a new colour to the Jeep Renegade range, Hyper Green. So only a couple of weeks before Halloween we took our crew, a highly skilled makeup team, a bunch of enthusiastic actors and James McVey from the band The Vamps to an underground car park in central London. We only had a short period of time with James so we needed to be swift and efficient. Thankfully at Kingdom this is our speciality and we didn’t waste any time in turning actors into Zombies and starting to shoot some great footage. We used Sony FS7 cameras, complemented by smaller Sony A7S cameras on Ronin stabilising rigs. This superb equipment allows us to work quickly and shoot really high quality footage.

The film was a huge success when it was released on social media. It went live the morning of Halloween and instantly was shared across Facebook and Twitter. It was fantastic to see the numbers rapidly rise. Great news followed when the film was nominated for an award at the London Motor Film Festival 2017 under the category of Best Creative Film.

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