Hilton Suites – Waldorf Astoria, Conrad and LXR Hotels




In this project, we were asked to promote Hilton’s suites as gateways to luxurious experiences all over the world. 

At Kingdom Creative, we came up with the concept of featuring a hard-working couple in their day-to-day lives as an actress and a businessman, thinking back to the experiences Hilton suites had given them. For example, a boat along the river Thames for afternoon tea with the Conrad London. 

Cinematic footage of smiles, laughter and romance, along with evocative music, make for a contemporary, cinematic film. We tell the audience that Hilton suites are more than spaces; they are the epitome of luxury living. 


A crew of three, shot over three days in London and Rome. We also used existing footage of Dubai. 

Although we filmed in just two locations, the editing suggests endless places and experiences. Making the most of every shoot is something do as second-nature.  

A hotel is a living, breathing place. Life must go on, even during filming, so our in-house team worked quietly and swiftly to minimise any impact on the hotel’s activities. For example, we filmed at the pool early-morning, before it was open to guests. At no point during this shoot was the hotel closed.


One two-minute hero video, and multiple edits for use by the different hotel brands.