An exciting addition to Kingdom Creative’s expanding Travel & Destination portfolio, this campaign video for Hilton Hotels & Resorts gave our specialist film production team the opportunity to film in two incredible destinations. The Hilton team approached Kingdom Creative directly, looking for a ‘sensory based’ film that would show off the authentic, luxury experiences available at Hilton hotels around the world.

The Hilton team had a clear vision, and our experienced creative team had the pleasure of working very closely with the client during the production process. We developed a storyboard, detailing every shot, so we knew we were on the same page as our clients.

Our talented production crew spent three days in the Algarve, Portugal, and three days in Rome, Italy, capturing the sights, sounds and experiences in rich, sensorial detail. The destination video was shot on our RED Digital Cinema Camera and Canon Cine lenses, achieving a high-end, cinematic feel. With a small, agile crew of three, we were able to work highly efficiently and capture fleeting moments. The Kingdom Creative team loved filming these unique travel and destination experiences alongside the local people.

We edited the film in four days, and had instant feedback from the client – they absolutely loved it and signed the film off immediately. They even asked for an additional film produced by Kingdom Creative to promote the new campaign video, which we also took part in.

It was a highly rewarding experience to work with such a big brand within the Travel & Destination industry, and to cast our creative eyes over this fast-moving sector. Hilton’s Luxury Experiences film will join our increasing Travel & Destination portfolio – take a look at more of our Travel & Destination films below.

You can find out more about the Hilton Luxury Experiences campaign here: