To commemorate Porsche’s 70th birthday, Kingdom Creative approached Porsche GB with a celebratory film concept to truly mark the occasion in style.  

The team set out to document Porsche’s fascinating journey from the very first Porsche Type 356 “No. 1” Roadster through to today, utilising our extensive experience as a film specialist within the automotive and motorsport industry. 

Since the birth of the first Porsche in 1948, every step Porsche has taken revolved around a fascination with sports cars. Our objective was to create a film that would enable Porsche to share this same fascination and passion with customers, fans and enthusiasts around the world.

Kingdom Creative selected the unparalleled Goodwood Festival Of Speed to become the backdrop for the film, paired with an emotional narration of their 70 year story by an iconic figure from Porsche’s past.   

Throughout the Goodwood event, the Kingdom Creative team created a whole series of social media films for Porsche, specifically designed to be used as part of a large-scale digital campaign. 

This film was shot on our RED EPIC-W camera to capture vivid results with remarkable resolution, encapsulating Porsche’s reputation for excellence and passion for detail. 

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