Formula 1


Inside Tracks


The Formula One production team handed over Inside Tracks to Kingdom Creative for one reason – our fast turn-around editing. 

The programme, a behind-the-scenes highlights package of each Formula 1 race, already existed. It’s created from onboard footage and team radio audio. Yet the working hours involved in editing the content meant the Formula One production team was unable to get Inside Tracks out to its audience quickly. 

We stepped in and now create each episode for the Wednesday after Sunday’s race. 


A production team of four condenses two hours of onboard footage from each car, as well as team radio audio files, into a 20-minute programme with graphics.

Our in-house team developed bespoke technology that allows us to watch the race and mark the must-have moments for Inside Tracks: such as crashes, overtakes, and pit lane problems. 

As experienced storytellers, we then set to work, bringing the gripping parts of the action to the fore. Thanks to the skill of the Kingdom Creative team, the viewer of Inside Tracks, can experience a concise, captivating version of every race. 


One 20-minute TV programme and content for social media.