Boyd Exell speaks to Kingdom Creative in the run up to Royal Windsor Horse Show. Training at Ashfields Carriage and Polo Club, he speaks of his 4 horses being like a family. Boyd’s love for Royal Windsor Horse Show is evident, walking his 4 horses down the river, amongst the lush green grass with the sunshine beaming down. His connection with the animal is second to none. He can feel whether they are stiff, stressed or they are wanting to express themselves.

Boyd Exell is especially proud of Carriage Driving. Boyd explains that Prince Phillip of Wales as president of the FEI and patron of the sport. He goes on to explain how Carriage Driving has evolved from eventing. Day 1 consists of a dressage test. Day 2 is the Rough and Tumble Cross Country phase. Day 3 is all about Carriage Driving against the clock.

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