Better than Paper is an online magazine which is always updating in real time, continuously publishing and personalising content for relevancy and share-ability to customers. In the modern world audiences are migrating from print to digital and from web to social. It is of expectations that the content seen is relevant, timely and accessible. Traditional advertising formats are struggling to deliver. Consumers now demand to be entertained and informed. 27 million pieces are shared every single day – 100 hours are uploaded to YouTube alongside Facebook users sharing 684,478 pieces.

Turbocharged publishing is increasingly becoming the way forward. Combining the output of mixing owned content with real time dynamic content from the web and social, it is a step forward in the right direction with the demands of modern day society.

Better than Paper is building a dedicated community with proven platforms such as Virgin Media, Bacardi and L’Oreal.

You can find out more about our corporate video production here.