Atherton Racing Mountain Biking team, Dan, Gee and Rachel Atherton are considered as the fastest mountain biking family in the world. They have won 7 World Championships, 44 World Cups and 17 UK National titles between them.

Based at Atherton HQ in North Wales, the Atherton Racing team trains in the mountains around their home. In the run-up to the 2013 season, Kingdom Creative met up with the international sporting stars to get an inside look at their intense pre-season training regime.

Muc Off cycle care and cleaning products are integral to Atherton Racing’s training regime. The team chose to partner with Muc Off for the 2013 season, having always used the brand’s leading bike products.

Kingdom Creative’s specialist production team capture Atherton Racing in action as they throw themselves into their pre-season training and prepare for the 2013 mountain bike racing season. Capturing the athletes’ intense endurance and strength training exercises, and the unique experiences of Dan, Gee and Rachel Atherton, this high-octane film was featured on social media and online.

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