Precision Shoot out challenge sees Premier League Arsenal football legends take on the best of World Rallycross in the ultimate Cooper Tires precision shootout challenge.  German superstar Mesut Ozil, club legend Olivier Giroud and Colombian international David Ospina are playing for the pride of all professional footballers. Lativan duo Janis Baumanis and Reinis Nitiss combine with Anton Markland of Sweden to form team World Rallycross and prove their fancy footwork isn’t limited to the accelerator pedal of their race cars.  In front of them is the toughest Cooper Tires Precision Challenge to date. Who can shoot through the double pendulum tyres to score the most points for their team and take the glory?  Andy Ansah is on hand to marshal proceedings and keep an eye on the unbelievable tekkers!

Working on a production like this requires the team to think fast on their feet and be ready for anything. When filming the worlds top footballers anything can and usually does happen and we need to be ready when it does. Thankfully through years of experience of sports filming around the world the Kingdom crew are in the right place at the right time to make sure every kick is captured, especially when the Rallycross boys threaten an upset. Filming live action has become a speciality for Kingdom and the team are in their element when coming together on a project like this.

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