Anna Williams is one of many to be fortuante (and talented) enough to be able to compete at The Royal Windsor Horse Show. Royal Windsor Horse Show is the only show in the UK to host international competitions in Showjumping, Dressage, Showing, Driving and Endurance. It is held annually and having Windsor Castle in the background creates a beautiful atmosphere.

Whilst the show hosts an array of events, endurance rider and Team GBR competitor, Anna Williams, talks about an event that is close to her heart. “The endurance race in Windsor is something like you’ll never see anywhere else” says Anna. “We get to ride in the Queen’s back garden! How many people get to ride in the Queen’s back garden?!”

In this documentary film, Anna Williams gives an insight into the journey a horse and rider takes to not only prepare for events, such as Royal Windsor Horse Show; but to push through the ‘mental wall’ and cross the finish line.  Alongside this, she explains the dedication involved in this type of Equestrian discipline, as well as the numerous health checks the horse must have throughout the competition to ensure it’s up to the challenge.

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