Abarth The Real Italian Job was filmed on location in Turin, Italy and London, England; this film follows the journey of three thieves stealing secret information about Project 348 from Abarth’s Headquarters. Whilst trying to escape Italy and return to London, they run into some trouble on the way…

With minimal spoken narrative in the film, the storyline is not compromised at all.
Abarth Turin Headquarters, where we see a security breach by three thieves stealing a briefcase full of top secret information. Using 3 Abarths, they escape Turin and head for London – where they get some unwanted company. The chase begins, will they complete their mission…?

When filming, there were some challenges that we faced on the way. For example, we filmed at night/early hours of the morning, therefore there was hardly any natural lighting. To resolve this, we set up lighting rigs in areas that the camera struggled to pick up any light at all. We also increased the ISO on the Sony A7S in order to perfect the lighting.

This fast-paced, action-based video was nominated for the London Automotive Film Festival Best Commercial Film Award 2016, alongside two other nominated films.

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