The Abarth 124 Spider holds Italian luxury in its sportiest form, with its fierce turbo roar the Spider is a lot of fun to drive!

Life in #124moments showcases the stylish Abarth driving through the iconic streets of Manchester, not only celebrating the cities culture and architecture but capturing  the cars energetic nature and modern features.

Choosing the location is a meticulous task to ensure the perfect fit for the product and brand. A huge amount of research went into the Abarth project. Manchester helped the car show its capabilities and stability even on the tightest turns and smaller roads.  Specialist equipment such as a tracking vehicle with a specific rig and DJI Ronin were used to capture the smoothest of driving sequences.

Working closely with the client, as well as our two influencers who feature in the piece, Timothy James and Sabine Schendstok, created strong working relationships on and off set. Building trust between client and ourselves, makes all participants feel as comfortable as possible. The racing-inspired interiors went down a treat when driving the Spider all day!

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