Nissan’s 7 seater X-Trail Bobsleigh was filmed by Kingdom Creative’s film and production team in the stunning mountain scenery of Igls in Innsbruck, Austria. This was the a world-first Nissan’s 7 seater X-Trail Bobsleigh.

The release of Nissan’s new X-Trail SUV seven-seater 4×4 was the inspiration behind the creation of the X-Trail bobsleigh. As expert video producers for the automotive industry, our creative team were keen to put our expertise to use filming this record-breaking design. The powerful, aerodynamic bobsleigh proved to be the perfect filming challenge for our experienced creative team.

Nissan’s X-Trail bobsleigh reached high speeds of 105 km/h and 4.5 g-force – spectacular to film and edit.

Both the new X-Trail SUV and the X-Trail bobsleigh are designed with adventure in mind. The Nissan SUV features state-of-the-art technology, LED daytime running lights and intuitive 4×4 capabilities, making it a first-rate car for action-packed family excursions. The impressive scenery round Innsbruck provided the perfect backdrop to this icy challenge, as we captured the Nissan bobsleigh team push their creation to the limit.

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