Sights, sounds and unforgettable experiences – filming for Hilton Hotels

When Hilton Hotels and Resorts approached Kingdom Creative directly, we knew it would be an amazing opportunity to work with a renowned Travel & Destination brand and travel to some incredible locations.

The Hilton team had a clear vision for their Authentic Luxury Experiences campaign video. They wanted a ‘sensory based’ film that really got to the heart of the destinations featured, capturing vibrant cultures and authentic experiences rather than focusing purely on hotels.

Our close-knit creative team set about making that vision a reality, producing a detailed shot-by-shot storyboard and planning the international shoot. With an agile crew of just three, we spent six days shooting on location abroad, in the Algarve, Portugal, and Rome, Italy – an awesome experience.

Producing and Directing team, Faye and Ben, immersed themselves in the two locations, capturing the unique sights, sounds and experiences to be explored. “They were really cool destinations and liberating using such a small crew,” says Director, Ben, “often a large crew slows you down, but we can move fast and capture exactly what we imagine.”

Our experienced crew shot using a RED Digital Cinema Camera and Canon Cine lenses, achieving a high-end, cinematic film that brought the local people and destinations to life. Producer, Faye, says, “They were amazing places and we really enjoyed working with the locals. In the Italian sandal-making shop, we were filming with the women who owned it, so it felt really authentic.”

Faye even wrote the voiceover script and Ben edited the video within four days. We were over the moon that the clients immediately loved it – so much so that they asked for an additional film about the campaign and how our film was made. The whole experience was a great success for everyone involved.

The film is now live on the Hilton Luxury Experiences webpage, and you can take a look at it here!

Filming on location

A shoot with a view