Eye for detail

Filming the handcrafting of luxury products requires specialist lenses, an eye for detail and patience, in order to capture the intricacies of design and form. Luxury video production is the ultimate way to emphasise the exquisite intricacies of luxury goods, and this is one our specialities here at Kingdom Creative.

Finest Brands

A close-up of exquisite stitching on a hand-made gown, the focus on a craftsman’s hands as they carve intricate patterns into oak, even the adjusting of time on an elegant designer watch – all these have one thing in common and that’s attention to detail.

Just as an artisan or craftsman will never compromise on quality and accepts nothing less than perfect, we give each video the same level of attention and detail that’s gone into making the luxury products we’re working with.
A variety of specialist equipment and distinct lenses are required for luxury video production and we ensure we always use state of the art technology and the right lens for the job.

Having been in the industry for so many years, we understand that beauty can take time and therefore requires a certain degree of patience. Calm, creative and collaborative, our team of permanent staff are fully trained in luxury video production. We take the time to find the best angle to showcase not just your work, but everything that goes into it too. Be it large luxury items like yachts and cars, or smaller more intricate items, we use luxury video production to tell stories through beautiful video content that will engage, influence and inspire.

We’re proud of our portfolio of work, having collaborated with some of the finest brands in luxury goods today. To see how we might bring out the best of your brand through luxury video production , view some examples of our past work.