Virtual events and conferences: Debunking the myths.
02 December 2020

Virtually Perfect.

Kingdom creative now offers virtual events and video conferencing services.

We don’t often shout about ourselves, but on this occasion, we think it’s important you know that we can manage your virtual events.

You might see the business need for video conferencing or live streaming but have no idea where to begin. If you’re worried it’s too technical, too expensive and an IT nightmare, we hear your concerns. We have the answer: let us manage the set-up and run it for you.

In the meantime, let’s debunk some myths around virtual events:

MYTH: You need expensive software. It will take a long time to get set up. The IT department will never go for it.

TRUTH: Would you believe us if we said you could host a sizeable virtual event via Microsoft Teams, Google, Zoom and others? It’s true. We can use the software you already have in place – saving time and money. Kingdom Creative has all the technical production kit to set-up and run the video elements of the event. If a bespoke platform is what you’re after, we can do that too.


MYTH: It’s boring.

TRUTH: It’s fair to say that virtual events are different from real-life ones. But they don’t have to be nap-inducing.
In our experience, the key to engagement is the combination of pre-recorded, live and Q&A elements.

• Pre-recorded: Anything pre-recorded can be scripted, which means you can pack it full of information – keeping concise of course.
• Live: The live elements of a video conference bring a human touch. Yes, the speaker is in 2D form, but your viewers can see and hear them, in the here and now.
• Q&A: Your audience members need to have a chance to be heard. That’s why we would recommend a Q&A session at the end. We think Q&As bring the whole event together because it feels almost like a real conversation. Viewers type their questions into the chat function of the stream, which is seen by the moderator. The feed then diverts to the speaker best suited to answer the question. It’s personal, fast, and truly global. In case it sounds complicated, don’t worry, we manage it all for you.
It’s also worth noting that with a multiple camera set-up, you can broadcast a live speaker at the same time as showing the product. For example, we worked with Porsche on their dealer training for the new Panamera. One camera followed the trainer talking around the car, and another showed the important details. A vision mixing desk brought the elements together.

MYTH: All the speakers have to be in one location.

TRUTH: With multiple feeds (something we sort out for you), it’s possible to include speaking delegates from various locations – even their homes. For example, you could bring speakers into your UK studio, have others from an office in Germany, and even more from their homes anywhere in the world. The options are endless.


MYTH: We need to include products but can’t have a film crew in the studio.

TRUTH: The Kingdom Creative in-house team has continued to work throughout both lockdowns, in a COVID compliant way. It’s also worth noting that we can repurpose any filmed content once the live event is over.


MYTH: You need a specialist video conferencing company to provide the best service.

TRUTH: This month, Kingdom Creative set-up and managed a virtual conference for Porsche’s marketing team. Porsche Cars GB laid out its plans for 2021 to its entire dealer network. The meeting was four hours long, with several hundred people tuned in. It included live and pre-recorded elements plus a dynamic Q&A session. Additionally, we lead a series of virtual dealer training sessions for the new Panamera.

Porsche came to us with a problem. We solved it, quickly, simply and effectively. It’s the same in-house Kingdom Creative team with our agile way of working – just with a new service offering.

If you need to talk to an audience from afar, whether it be for dealer training, a department conference or a press event, Kingdom Creative can help.

Virtual events are here to stay. They’re not a daunting as you might think. Get in touch today and let’s chat about how we can help you.

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