Three ways to create video content in a lockdown.
04 March 2021

Three fresh pieces of content we can make for you right now

Since the new year, we’ve been listening to you about the challenges you’re facing at work. What’s become apparent is that, despite lockdown 3.0, you still have a job to do, targets to meet, and assets to produce. However, you’re not quite sure what’s allowed. So, we decided to jot down three ways you can still create video content. Our cameras are still rolling. Guidelines permit the team at Kingdom Creative to work because filming can’t be done from home. As long as we aren’t taking unnecessary risks, we can shoot and edit for you.

1) Interactive video and repurposing existing film.

Value for money, quick and you don’t have to leave your desk.

If creating new content is off the cards, we can breathe new life into library footage. Interactive video is the perfect way to do this. Interactive video has better conversion rates than standard video. Wirewax has some great examples of interactive video content. Check out this incredible example from M.A.C:


If interactive isn’t your thing, we can take footage from previous shoots and re-edit to create new video content. Here’s a film we made for Mazda – repurposed entirely from existing footage.

2) Join a shoot remotely

When only a new shoot will do.

If you need fresh content, perhaps for an upcoming product launch, only a new shoot will do. But company policy means you can’t attend. No problem. We organise and manage the shoot (location, lighting, audio, crew). You join the shoot via a client monitor. Then, you watch, direct and input into the shoot. You’re ‘there’ in real-time (via a live stream) but off-site. What about including people in your video? We can sort it. We’ll set up and manage a high-quality video call with your talking head. The interview in our INEOS film was via Zoom.


3) Host a small virtual conference

Taking the headache out of live-streaming.

If you want to do an online pitch or training session, we have the solution. The Kingdom Creative virtual event package allows you to seamlessly switch between four video/audio sources, much like a traditional TV broadcast. You can have wide shots, close-ups, presentation slides, and much more. Let us use our expertise to create and manage a live stream set-up, customised specifically for you. We worked with Porsche on their dealer training for the new Panamera; one camera followed the trainer talking around the car, and another showed the important details. It was seamless.

Kingdom creative member

If any of these options sound like they will help you get on with your job, meet your targets and produce your assets, let’s have a chat. We mean it when we say we’re here to help. We’re creatives at heart and problem-solvers by nature.

The Kingdom Creative team.


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