Interactive video. Is it here to stay?
03 March 2021

Interactive Video. Give It A Try

Is interactive video a flash in the pan? Simon Harrison, Kingdom Creative’s MD, gives us his thoughts

Here are the pros of interactive video:

👉 nine out of ten people watch it

👉 it’s a third more memorable than standard video

👉 it increases the want to buy, nine-fold

👉 it gives you between 20% and 30% more conversions

👉 it raises awareness of your brand by 88%

(Source Wirewax 2021)


And I guess we shouldn’t be surprised. How often have we clicked on an Instagram product and pressed BUY before we knew what was happening? Shorten the steps to a sale and add the element of touch and choice – voila! More sales. For example, a click on a video hotspot can add the product straight to your basket, making the traditional purchase call to action redundant.

But is interactive great for everything? No, it has its cons. The biggest one is the fact you can’t post interactive content directly onto social channels. You can tease it, but the viewer then has to click through to the full site for interactivity. For now. Because I reckon it’s only a matter of time before interactive content and social media platforms do a deal.

It’s also worth thinking about the purpose of interactive video in your overall marketing strategy. The product-specific purchase power of interactive is undeniable, but it’s no heavyweight in brand building. And while it might help sell car accessories, it’s not going to help make your car brand more appealing to Gen Z customers.

But for me, that’s where the downsides to interactive video end. Put simply; it’s fresh, it’s captivating, it works. We should also remember it’s the most tactile marketing touchpoint available right now, which is essential because, as humans, when we touch, we connect.

As I talk to my clients about applying interactivity to some carefully chosen content, I urge them to think of it as sushi or pineapple on pizza; you might not like the sound of it, but you’ve got to try it. Why the hell not? It’s here to stay.


Here’s a little video we made about making interactive video your next best friend:



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