We at Kingdom have found working with charities some of the most rewarding subjects to film.

To share a story or cause through the medium of film requires sensitivity, perceptive storytelling and a call to arms through an emotive lens. We work with one of the most powerful communication methods available today, video. Our charity video production gives you the microphone, making your voice heard through the visually expressive means at our disposal. Every one of our video projects aims to tell a story, in our charity projects it’s your story we are devoted to telling.

We have worked with a number of truly inspirational organisations, including The Royal British Legion and Pancreatic Cancer Action. With each new project, we aim to develop a campaign that showcases the amazing work that these charities do, while also highlighting what still needs to be done. As is the case with all of our work, each film tells a unique and personal story.

We have the charity video production expertise to make this potential work for you. Once your film is complete, we will work with your organisation to develop a strategy that will help get your story seen, liked and shared. We can adapt the master film to create content for various digital platforms, including social media channels. Together, we will get your charity video production message heard.