Sensitive storytelling.

We at Kingdom have found working with charities some of the most rewarding subjects to film. To share a story or cause through the medium of film requires sensitivity, perceptive storytelling and a call to arms through an emotive lens. We work with one of the most powerful communication methods available today, video. Our charity video production gives you the microphone, making your voice heard through the visually expressive means at our disposal. Every one of our video projects aims to tell a story, in our charity projects it’s your story we are devoted to telling.

What’s more, we know how to effectively share this story. Our years of experience dealing with sensitive projects and highlighting that sensitivity in our work means that your message is in the best possible hands at Kingdom Creative. We invest in the latest equipment and the highest quality of team members to ensure your video product is on time and completed to a high standard. Our strongest asset is also our simplest - we listen. We are dedicated to understanding your desires, requirements, and ambitions for the project so that we can best apply our knowledge and expertise. Charity video production needs this more than anything else.

We’ve worked with a considerable number of charities, developing video campaigns that serve to highlight the amazing work they do while attracting attention to what still needs to be done. Our core aim is to create content that inspires and motivates, and what better approach to charity video production can there be? Such qualities are integral to a video campaign that succeeds in its view count and shares. We recognise the fundamental necessity of this success to a charity, and work to integrate these qualities at every step of the process.

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